Yoga Exercises for Health and Happiness (improved edition)
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This unique book gives a wide variety of psychophysical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises, reelaxation exercises, concentration techniques and eye exercises. We heartly recommen this book for all who desires health, hapiness, prosperity, mental strength and spiritual advancement. Follow the plan of practice given here and you will receive great benefits of harmony in body and mind. Your general well-being, mental alertness and inner relaxation will come gradually, increasing supple muscles, firm skin and a beautifull, healthy appearance. If you practice these exercises regularly, you will build a bridge across sorrow, discontent and uncertainty, and walk on the path of bright sunshine with the cool breeze of Joy in your heart.

Discover the key to a lifetime of health, beauty and profound peace of mind. Profuselly illustrated with pictures. Includes a glossary, questions and answers, poems, and more. Paper: 312 pgs.

Yoga Exercises for Health and Happiness (improved edition)

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