Essence of the Upanishads 2009 Series (66 lectures)

By Swami Jyotirmayananda


66 Lectures from Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda (Ishavasya, Kena, Prashna, Mundaka, Katha) – 2 MP3 discs


The Upanishads constitute the highest wisdom of the Vedas – popularly known as Vedanta philosophy. There is no scripture as elevating and inspiring as the Upanishads. The very term “Upanishad” means: “Approaching God,” or “sitting near Guru,” or  “secret teaching.” “Brahman or God alone is Real, this world-process is merely an appearance. Every soul is essentially Brahman.” This is the ringing note of the Upanishadic teachings. Whoever follows the path of realizing the Self or Brahman becomes a source of boundless inspiration for all mankind.

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