Ever since Swami Jyotirmanayanda established the Yoga Research Foundation in 1969, he has authored and published over 60 Yoga and Advaita Vedanta books with the sole intention of disseminating the ancient wisdom passed on to him by his guru, Sri Swami Sivananda. Whether a newcomer to Integral Yoga and Vedanta, or a learned spiritual teacher, you will find inspiration in topics ranging from Advaita Vedanta philosophy as presented in the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, Mystical insight into the Puranic Scriptures such as the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Srimad Bhagavatam, as well as detailed explanations on the methods and practices conveyed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Swamiji brings the subtlety of Vedanta philosophy within the reach of all seekers of Self-knowledge, irrespective of religious faith or creed.

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Advice To Householders


Pages: 174
ISBN: 0-934664-54-4

This book gives insight into the ideals of family life with practical guidance for harmony between husband and wife, parents and children, and family and society.

Advice to Students


Insight into the important questions facing young people as they strive to meet the challenges of life in the modern world. In today’s complex world, students face great challenges. This book serves as a guide for students to keep centered and balanced through self-cultivation; how to use the technological tools available today without allowing themselves to become dehumanized and over-mechanized.

Pages: 238 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-00-4 | Year Published: 1991

Applied Yoga (Hardbound)


Advanced application of Integral Yoga in life. Many important selected topics handled in this book offer guidance in the understanding and application in daily life of the different aspects of Yoga. Hardbound/Cloth.

Pages: 212 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-01-1 | Year Published: 1971

Concentration and Meditation


From beginning to advanced, a complete course in the art of Meditation. In this no-nonsense guide, you get solid, practical lessons in proven meditative techniques to come within easy reach of any personal goal. From beginning to advanced – a complete course in itself. Hardbound/Cloth.

Pages: 200 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-03-5 | Year Published: 1971

Death and Reincarnation (Hardbound)


This comprehensive book clarifies the mysterious phenomena of the death experience, reincarnation, and the law of karma in order to eliminate the fear of death and promote a deep understanding of the fundamental purpose of life – Self-Realization. Learn about death to know more about life! Hardbound/Cloth.

Pages: 198 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-04-2 | Year Published: 1970

Divine Life – Biography of Swami Jyotirmayananda


Divine Life is the inspiring biography of a great Sage who began life as an extraordinary yet sickly child, enduring numerous misfortunes that threatened his very life – even before birth as well as throughout childhood.

After earning the highest academic marks throughout grade school, high school and college, and passing with flying colors the exam for post-graduate acceptance into Patna University’s Medical College, he learned that his desired place on the List of Accepted Applicants had been stolen.

However, with unflinching faith in the Divine Plan and undaunted spiritual determination, he transcended all tribulations and became the renowned Guru that he is today, profoundly transforming the lives of aspirants throughout the world.

Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda exemplifies the core Yogic teaching, “You are the architect of your destiny,” echoing the message that every person can be a steadfast hero in the intense battle of life, and as such, an inspiration to millions.

El Arte de Pensar Positivamente


No existe mayor poder que el de la mente. Los pensamientos moldean nuestro destino. Los pensamientos positivos conducen al éxito. Los negativos conllevan al fracaso.

Los pensamientos son la raíz de todos los cambios que ocurren en el mundo. Mientras que los pensamientos negativos son la causa de todo el mal que agobia a la humanidad, los positivos son la fuente de todo belleza, bondad y verdad.

En este libro, Swami Jyotirmayananda no ofrece su dinámicas y profundas enseñanzas. La claridad de expresión de tales enseñanzas directas, nos permite obtener un profundo conocimiento sobre las complejidades de la mente y cómo superarlas.

Paginas: 159ISBN: 0934664471Año publicado: 1989

El Misticismo del Ramayana


La hermosura devocional del Rama Charit Manas sigue inspirando y deleitando a millares de devotos. Ahora, con los sutiles detalles del significado filosófico de este poema épico elucidado por la sabia vision de S.S. Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda, culmina la verdadera majestuosidad infinita del Ramayana. La gracia las bendiciones de Swamiji le abren paso a todos los que aspiran remontarse a las mas altas cumbres de la devoción, la sabiduría y bienaventuranza.

Paginas: 264ISBN: 978-0-934664-64-6Año publicado: 2017

From Swamiji’s Kitchen – Recipe Book


From Swamiji's Kitchen: Recipes from our beloved Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda

Swamiji has experimented with his culinary skills for many years. Here are some of his easy to follow and delicious recipes!

Integral Yoga – The Secret to Enlightenment


Pages: 114
ISBN: 978-0-934664-62-2

Awaken to your Infinite Potential by integrating your personality through an artistic balance of Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Jnana Yogas – culminating in Self-realization. This book is an essential guide for all sincere spiritual seekers.

Integral Yoga Today


A compilation of Swami Jyotirmayananda’s Sunday afternoon talks at Miami’s Theosophical Society. Topics include: The control of the mind; How to solve problems; Where is happiness?; The path of love; Who am I?

Pages: 176 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-43-1 | Year Published: 1983

Jnana Yoga


A concise yet comprehensive exposition on the Yoga of Wisdom.

Pages: 64 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-05-9 | Year Published: 1974