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The Journey of Life

by Swami Jyotirmayananda

Life is not a result of a series of accidents, but rather, it is more accurately to be viewed as a Divine Plan. Therefore, the deeper purpose of its movements can be read and understood, and the deeper lessons of its events can be observed and learned. When one grasps the deeper meaning of life and understands its Divine significance, life becomes more gracious, more sublime.

Human life is in the form of continuous transition; it presents various conditions and abounds with diverse events. No one can stay with one condition of life forever. Every event must change. All conditions that seem to persist must pass away, one day or the next. The dark clouds that seem to hover over life’s verdant prospects, as well as the silvery joys – both must ultimately be terminated. You cannot stay the rolling waves of the ocean. You must glide to find different expressions of the Spirit, to encounter diverse conditions of life to aid your spiritual growth.

Life has two aspects – subjective and objective. The subjective aspect of life includes the feelings, mental reactions, inner understanding, desires, and emotions; while the objective aspect of life however, abounds with outer changes to the circumstances and external conditions of life. Inner states of life seek out external conditions to express themselves; therefore, to a great extent, your subjective conditions are responsible for the outer and external conditions of your life. This however cannot be taken as an absolute law.

A person may encounter external forms of adversities in the form of loss of money, loss of loved ones, diseases and afflictions. And yet, they may possess a mind that is calm, a heart that is resigned to God, and an attitude lit up by Divine understanding. If this is so, though encountering outer adversities, they are more alive, more successful, more happy, more peaceful, and more perfect.

On the other hand, a person may encounter external forms of success by acquiring vast wealth and prosperity, but may lack inner purity of life and inner sensitivity to appreciate the beauty of nature and the glories of spiritual life. Therefore, in spite of their glorious conditions, internally they are wretched and impoverished. Their life lacks harmony and peace and they are most certainly not happy.

It is clear therefore, that in order to experience happiness, you should not count upon external glories alone, but more so on the inner developments and inner transformations in your understanding and living. Do not confine your vision to solely the plane of sense experience. Try to find joy through expansion of your heart and feelings. Express truth and beauty through your life. Express more and more harmony and peace through relentless effort in recognizing the Divine meaning of life, and endeavoring to manifest this meaning.

Release yourself from the biased notion that “I am nothing but this passing personality.” On the other hand, feel that you are the Immortal Self. Do not live a life that is agitated by the passing events of pleasure and pain; but live a life of profound understanding, considering it a journey from the plane of senses to the eternal realms of Spirit. And thus, you will be able to journey through the mysterious and enchanting fields of life to the ever widening expansion of God – the Immortal Spirit.

As you proceed rightly on life’s path, you will express increasing virtue and patience in the bitter conditions of life. Moreover, you will also be able to maintain a serene intellect in conditions that shake your faith in the eternal values of the Spirit. You will also cultivate an ability to keep a state of poise, unruffled by the elations which accompany prosperities of the material world.

Deepen your life through devotion to God. Open the windows of your soul by surrendering to the Divine Will. Light up your life with the sunshine of Divine Realization by removing the subconscious complexes of desires and their frustrations. Inquire and meditate. Serve and expand. Purify and elevate your consciousness. Enjoy life’s journey to the infinite realms of expansion and feel the Divine Hand guiding you. Convert your life into a stream of prayer, into a process of discovery, into a song of communion with God. May the Lord lead you to the journey’s end, in the form of supreme freedom and liberation!

May God bless you! Hari OM Tat Sat!

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