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Yoga Exercises for Health & Happiness


Swami Jyotirmayananda’s Yoga Exercises for Health & Happiness comprehensively expounds the system of Hatha Yoga, a practice by which one attains a life of remarkable physical and mental well-being. Filled with a genuine sense of the ancient heritage from which this science comes, this book is assured to benefit all spiritual seekers. Experience how Hatha Yoga exercises fit in with a complete plan of abundant living and pave the way for the attainment of the Highest Goal – Enlightenment.

Pages: 272 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-15-8 | Year Published: 1973

Yoga Guide


Direct helpful answers to your questions on Yoga and life.

Pages: 270 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-16-5 | Year Published: 1972

Yoga in Life


Practical essays on self-improvement through the Integral Yoga methodology by Swami Lalitananda.

Pages: 268 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-17-2 | Year Published: 1973

Yoga Integral – Curso Basico


Somos una personalidad completa, por cuya razón el Yoga Integral nos ofrece todo un método para mejorar nuestras vidas.

La personalidad humana tiene cuatro aspectos principales – la Emoción, la Razón, la Voluntad y la Acción. A través del Yoga Integral somos guiados hasta llegar a perfeccionar estos cuatro aspectos, balanceándolos, y combinándolos nuevos y excitantes.

Paginas: 106ISBN: 938-0-934664-51-6Año publicado: 1984

Yoga Mystic Poems


Lofty verses reflecting the nature of the inner spirit.

Pages: 240 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-40-0 | Year Published: 1975

Yoga Mystic Stories & Parables


Insightful stories of great philosophical and mystic significance.

Pages: 208 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-24-0 | Year Published: 1974

Yoga of Enlightenment (Gita Chapter 18)


Chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita—Sanskrit, translation and detailed commentary. This book is essentially “The Essence of the Gita.” In this book, we get an accurate account of a hero’s (every individual) struggle, his conflicts, and Krishna’s liberating teachings. Detailing the 18th Chapter, this book brings the highest wisdom, uniquely presented, and matchless in practical value.

Pages: 176 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-45-5 | Year Published: 1987

Yoga of Perfection (Srimad Bhagavad Gita)


The most loved and revered scripture in philosophical literature. The highest summit of “Perfection” is Self-realization, the goal of life. “Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven,” said Lord Jesus. This book, through the teachings given by Lord Krishna to the ideal aspirant Arjuna, summarises beautifully the quest, the goal and the journey.

Pages: 120 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-25-7 | Year Published: 1973

Yoga Quotations


A selection of inspirational quotes by Swami Jyotirmayananda drawn from his writings, lectures, and interviews on Yoga and Vedanta.

Pages: 240 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-27-1 | Year Published: 1975

Yoga Secrets of Psychic Powers


From the wisdom of the great Yogis of ancient India, masters of the mysterious powers of the mind, comes this significant book acquainting you with the endless resources of energy that lie within your own being. You can utilize powers of the mind that can enable you to be the master of your environment, author of your circumstances and architect of your destiny. With the perspective of Integral Yoga in view, psychic powers become real attainments, taking on a genuine meaning and significance rather than vain tricks or feats of magic. Be in control with Yoga Secrets of psychic Powers and convert your life into an adventurous journey of peace and bliss.

Pages: 208 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-28-8 | Year Published: 1974

Yoga Stories and Parables for Children


Charming tales of great philosophical and mystic significance.

Pages: 208 | ISBN: 978-0-934664-41-7 | Year Published: 1976

Yoga Vasistha – Book One


The comprehensive philosophy of Yoga-Vedanta, unparalleled in its profound wisdom, serves as a template for every individual to break the fetters of the psychological illusions projected by the conditioned mind, and live a life of purpose, poise, and contentment, in full knowledge of one’s True Essence.


In this masterful rendition of the Yoga Vasistha, Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda sifts through the highly complex mystic truths as presented by Sage Vasistha to Lord Rama, rendering them crystal clear for the serious spiritual aspirant to read, reflect, and imbibe.

Volumes I, II, and III of Swamiji’s original Yoga Vasistha books are combined into this newly bound book.